There are – like in all other countries – some pros and cons of living in Sweden. This is the pros and cons for two Americans, living in Sweden. Let’s list them and see if you agree – or if you are not living in Sweden, a heads up before you get here!


Fika – oh, who doesn’t like ‘fika’? It is simply a time to relax, drink coffee and eat a sweet.

Healthy food – You can even have a healthy fika. Yes, you read it right! Sweden have protein-everything!

Easy to do your taxes – if you don’t own a bunch of stuff or are crazy rich, doing your taxes is really easy. You just download the tax agency’s app, click a few buttons – and it is done!

Organized – swedes, or Sweden in general, is very organized. In just about everything.

Awesome people –People in Sweden are very honest and nice. If you have a Swedish friend, he will always have your back.

Laid back – kind of goes hand in hand with the above. Swedes are really open minded about almost everything. And hey, if you don’t agree with me, let’s just agree to disagree!

Good parties – swedes are really great party planners. Doesn’t matter if it is a big celebration like Midsummer or just a simple pre-party a cold evening in October!

Night life – goes great together with the above. This is truer in the big cities though, than in small cities or the country side.


Taxes – Sweden has crazy high taxes!

Swedish is hard to learn – but we have some tips and tricks!

Age of consent – as a swede, I’ve never thought about it, but 15 might be kind of low. Keep in mind though that this is between two 15-year-olds not 15 and someone 18+!

Waiting time – to get your papers in Sweden. They are unreal.

Bottle up opinions – There is a Swedish saying ‘knyta näven under bordet’ which translates to ‘tie your fist under the table’.

Expensive – swede or no swede, it is expensive to both live and travel in Sweden.