An American celebrating a traditional Swedish midsummer

Apparently, in America (and surely many other countries) midsummer is talked about as a big crazy party. A day when swedes put flower crowns in their hair (which is true, actually) drink (which is, also true..) and dance around like crazy to house music (well again, we are dancing around as crazy, so – true, but not to house music, but to ‘the little frogs’). Well, anyway. What the rest of the world is imagining about midsummer is not true. That is why we want to show you all the real traditional midsummer celebration. And of course, this guy wanted to experience this big day.

The cities are always empty and quiet on midsummer, as everyone is leaving for the country side and the islands at the coasts. Small islands that contains just a few hundred people the rest of the year, is filled with up to ten times more people this particular day.

Remember, that if you are invited to a swedes home for a party, or just a nice dinner, never come empty handed! It is, quietly, seen like a bit rude to not carry anything with you to the host. It can be as simple as a bottle of wine or some flowers, or like in this case, a bottle of snaps.
You can not have your food without a snaps and no snaps without some singing ‘Helan går’ (a swedish drinking song).

In the afternoon you will learn some new songs while dancing around the ‘majstång’ (may pole). You might want to practice your frog sound before this day, to not make a fool of yourself.

Later in the evening you can relax for a swim in the cool lakes or join the backyard parties.

These Americans really captured the ultimate Swedish midsummer experience!