We’ve talked about midsummer, the longest day of the year, a lot as it was midsummer in June. Now it is time to see how much you’ve learned, by giving you this midsummer quiz. Of course, we have no way of knowing if you were right or not, but we trust you not to cheat.
It also shows how bizarre midsummer is seen from the outside. Imagine to be Grace Helbig, never have heard about this holiday, learning all of these crazy facts for the first time.

So, sill (pickled herring) and snaps, you’ve heard a lot about. They sing ‘helan går’ and then make a game out of it. Swedes do that a lot, turns normal games into drinking games – it is just a way to get the darkness feel more bearable.

But, do you know how swedes say ‘cheers’, what the weather is likely like on midsummer, what flavours we have on our pickled herring and why girls put 7 flowers under their pillows?
Actually, when you pick the 7 different flowers you do not only have to cross 7 different fields, you have to climb over 7 different fences (like really old ones, in Sweden they are called ‘gärdesgårdar’), picking the flowers on 7 different fields.

Take the midsummer quiz and let us know how you did!