Swedes eat all kinds of weird things, at least if you ask these Americans tasting midsummer food.

So, midsummer food contains ‘inlagd sill’ (pickled herring), smoked salmon, fresh potatoes, dill, sour cream, caviar, egg halves, potato salad, ‘västerbottenpaj’ (a kind of cheese pie), ‘gubbröra’ (a mix of anchovy, dill, egg, chive, red onion and mayo) and to top it all of; a strawberry cake. Yummy!
Oh, do not forget the snaps!

This is just lunch. In the evening we barbecue all kinds of meat, cheese and vegetables.

These two swedes in the clip is walking around California, asking Americans to try this midsummer mix. And for some reason they are really sceptical. Most of them takes the safe road and start with the meatballs. But what do you think they say about the pickled herring and caviar?

They are actually using ‘Kalles kaviar’ in this clip which is caviar from a tube. Normally for midsummer we use the fancier caviar from a glass can.