It’s that time again! The time when we compare Sweden to another country, and what is more fun than to compare Sweden to America? Nothing, we say.

America, aka the USA, is that grandiose country in the west that is (or has been) world-leading in close to all categories since, like, forever. And they’re proud of it. (But who wouldn’t be, I guess.)

An it’s fine. But it also makes it so much more fun to learn what an American thinks Sweden does better than… America! If you live in Sweden, I think you’ll agree. But if you don’t live here, do you see the upsides of these things? You must. Right?

Here are the areas in which Sweden excels

  1. Swish and BankID
    It’s just makes your everyday life so much easier. Paying bills, splitting dinner bills, paying for stuff online etc. I can’t believe we haven’t had this since forever.
  2. Sales taxes
    Why would you want to “fool” customers? Isn’t it just easier to show the actual price from the start, like we do? Save a lot of people coming up to the register and then turn back with their stuff since the correct price was not presented.
  3. Schools
    As a socialist country, us Swedes take pride in the fact that all schools are equal. And they all have to follow the same rules. Fine, there are private schools, but that doesn’t really affect the students.
  4. Recycling
    We only have one planet, and one Greta Thunberg. Incentivised recycling! Help people do good. Just an advise for ju America.
  5. Public transportation
    Fine, it doesn’t always work perfectly BUT it’s there. Swedes are not bound to their cars. You can get by just fine without one… if you don’t live in a place far, far away.

These are just five areas where Sweden is beating Americas ass. There’s plenty more. And vice versa of course (I have to admit). If you’re curious about other pros and cons with Sweden, seen from an American point of view I advise you to have a look here.

And don’t miss the video below! Enjoy!