Learn Swedish with Alicia Wikander

There are two sides of the Swedish language, as there are two sides of every language. On one side you have the formal spoken language, the language you use when you communicate with most other people. And then there is the not so formal language; the slang.

In this clip Alicia Wikander will teach you some good-to-know Swedish slang and how to use it. What is for example a ‘Fjortis’, why is there no cows on the ice and how does one gather ‘Sambovikt’? Probably you won’t need to know this if you’re just visiting Sweden. But if you plan to stay a longer time then this should be a part of your Swedish vocabulary.

If, by chance, you are Swedish – can you think of any other fun and/or weird Swedish slang words the rest of the world should know about? Do share them with us!

Also, for more lessons on Swedish slang please watch this clip of Alexander Skarsgård giving us his take of some other Swedish slang.