Learning Swedish slang with Alexander Skarsgård

Alexander Skarsgård is one of the hottest Swedish stars in Hollywood at the moment. And this is him teaching us Swedish slang, or basically Swedish words you should know.

Shot songs, fika, ‘pull me backwards’ and ‘hot on the porridge’ are some very good-to-know Swedish words and phrases that you may use in various situations. If you are ever invited to a Swedish crayfish party you should at least learn a shot song (‘snapsvisa’). A fika (having a coffee with something sweet to eat) is a BIG thing in Sweden, and is basically what we do whenever we get the chance. ‘Pull me backwards’, literally translated from ‘dra mig baklänges’, is what we say when we get shocked or surprised by something. ‘Hot on the porridge’, or ‘het på gröten’, means that you want something very badly… and you are not afraid of showing it. But as you know, Swedes are a bit anxious so we use expressions that aren’t too obvious.

Just let these partly weird, but very good-to-know, Swedish words sink in and learn how to use them. You will thank me later.

Also, if you just like to watch Alexander Skarsgård we have clips of him here.