Sweden has a few unwritten rules that you should know if you ever wanna vsit. Let’s liste them:

1. Don’t consider yourself being better than anyone else. Sweden is really the country of ‘lagom’, do not do anything to stand out.

2. Keep you distance. Swedes are very protective of their personal space. At least an arm length away mate!

3. Don’t sit directly next to anyone else. Well – this kind of speaks for itself, one armlength people!

4. Do not look people in the eyes when in public places. This goes for people you don’t know of course. We’re not wierdos or something. But you will be if you lock eyes with a stranger.

5. Let everyone leave the bus/subway before you enter. Well this one just makes sense – you don’t pack before you unpack.

6. Do not speak loud in public places. No one is really interested in your business. Remember; Sweden is ‘landet lagom’.

7. When meeting someone the first time: hand shake. Second time? Well – if you hit it off, man or women, hug! When Swedes get to know a person, we gladly invite them to our personal space for a welcoming hug.

8. Ques are religious. Do not try to cut the line, you will be the object of angry starring.

9. Do not stand in the left lane of the escalator. Especially in the bigger cities. The left lane is for people in a hurry. People who run and will probably give you a mouth full of swearing words if you happen to stand there. Very important rule!

10. Keep quiet at the cinema. And turn your phone off for God’s sake! A cinema is a place for watchin’ a film, that’s it. If you want to hang and gossip with your friends or check your likes, go to a café.