I guess you are all familiar with the show where normal people can come to show their talent and hope to be good enough to win the competition. The first step is to get the votes from the jury and then it is all about winning the people’s hearts. Some are better than others, some are breath-taking, some are exciting, some you wish that you had never seen and some are just really funny.

This is a clip of four guys from Dalarna (‘dalmasar’ as swedes would call them) who came to open everyone’s eyes to a whole new kind of dance. Simply just a dance with hard rye bread (which is also made in a small society in Dalarna, called Leksand).

The idea came when they had a school traditional celebration before Christmas break, when they had a show with all kinds of fun acts. This dance became so popular that they decided to take a chance in ‘Sweden’s got talent’ and it looks like it was a success. Okey, they didn’t win or anything, but they got viral and had their, so called; ‘15 minutes of fame’.

As a swede, I can’t really decide if I should feel proud or hide behind a pillow. What would you do?