Have you ever tried creamy smoked fish roe? No?

If you ever visit Sweden this is a must. It might sound nasty, but it actually isn’t. At least that’s the answer you’ll get if you ask a Swede about this very special Swedish piece of food.

Kalles kaviar is a very hardcore part of Swedish food traditions. Most often eaten together with egg, this salty and creamy roe mix is very common on the breakfast table. But not every Swede can handle this speciality. It’s a watershed.

However, it is a fact that this creamy smoked fish roe is very popular in Sweden. The first year Kalles kaviar was available to buy, 1 MILLION tubes were sold. This was 1955 and a lot has happen since. Still, Kalles remain a favourite for many many Swedes. So, if you get the chance – try this interesting piece of food tradition.