Could the Skarsgård family be Sweden’s version of the Kardashian family?

We think so, and let us tell you why.
The Skarsgård family is a big family. And even though that per se doesn’t make them a competitor to the Kardashian family, the fact that almost all of them are actors – or famous in any way – certainly does.

The family patriarch, Stellan Skarsgård, is a well-known actor both in Sweden and internationally. Born in the early fifties he has been an actor for almost 40 years already, and is perhaps best-known for his roles in Pirates of the Caribbean (Bootstrap Bill Turner), Mamma Mia: the movie (Bill Andersson) and the Avengers series (Dr. Erik Selvig). But this is of course not the only mark Stellan has left on the Swedish and international movie scene.

Having fathered 8 children, he has made sure the Skarsgård name will live on. And having a few of his children following in his footsteps will make the Skarsgård name known to many people.

His oldest son, Alexander Skarsgård, is also becoming a huge name in Hollywood. At the age of 43 he has starred in big productions like Big Little Lies (Perry Wright), The Legend of Tarzan (Tarzan) and Zoolander 2 (Adam).

Next up is Gustaf Skarsgård, the second child of Stellan. He is 39 years old and is also an actor, known for Vikings (Floki) and Westworld (Karl Strand).

Bill Skarsgård, age 29, has recently joined his older brothers in the spotlight and is probably best-known by the movie audience for the role as the clown Pennywise in It and It: Chapter 2.

Valter Skarsgård, age 24, is a Swedish actor. Not having entered the international scene yet, his time will surely come, we are guessing.

Besides these four Skarsgård actor brothers, Stellan has another four children; Sam Skarsgård, 37 years old, who followed in his mothers footsteps and became a doctor; Eija Skarsgård, 27 years old, the only girl in the family and who became a model instead of an actor; Ossian Skarsgård, age 10, who still is too young to be following in his fathers footsteps; and the youngest sibling Kolbjörn Skarsgård, age 7, who also is a bit too young still. But just you wait and see.

As you can tell this family is about to take over the world and the throne from the Kardashians. And we’re rooting for them. After all, they are all (soon enough anyway) contributing to a better (movie) world. At least compared to the Kardashians.