If you think about it, and see it from an English point of view, Swedish is weird. There are words that sounds just like English words, or spells just like English words, but means something totally different. There are also words that means exactly the same.

So, a challenge for you, what do you think the words; kiss, fart, bra, barn, sex, semester, hot, cock (‘kock’), means in Swedish?

Swedish also has words that translates to a sentence in English, my favourite is ‘mysa’ – it means like cozy up with someone. ‘Mysa’ can be bent in many different ways and is just a really cozy word.

Swedish has proper words for grandparents. Genius! I mean, who can really tell who you are talking about when you just say granddad or grandma? Swedes calls mums’ parents ‘mormor’ and ‘morfar’ and dads’ parents ‘farmor’ och ‘farfar’. It simply translates to mothers’ mother and mothers’ father and fathers’ mother and fathers’ father.

We’ve talked about this before – but to direct translate Swedish words is just really funny. When you split the words, it gets even funnier. It gets weird and funny even in Swedish, to be honest. For example; what do you think ‘butter goose’ translates into?

Anyhow, the two words you should learn, before going to Sweden is; Lagom and Fika. You will definitely want to grab a ‘fika’ while visiting!