Tennis superstar

Björn Borg might be best known to the rest of the world as a Tennis superstar in the late 70’s, when he became the first man ever to win 11 Grand Slam titles in the ‘Open Era’. He is one of the biggest reasons that the game of tennis became very popular and lucrative.

But how great is he really? Let’s take a quick walk-through of his achievements:

  1. Björn Borg is the most successful and most superior tennis player of all times. The victory percentage of Björn Borg, against other top 10 ranked players, is a stunning 70%. Compare that number to Roger Federer who comes in at 66%.
  2. Björn Borg is the most complete tennis player there ever was. He is the best both on the quick grass of the French Open, but also on the slow gravel of Wimbledon.
  3. Sure, we might all remember the losses against McEnroe, but in reality no one has such a remarkable winning score as Björn Borg in the Grand Slams. Just compare his 89,81% against Rafael Nadal’s 87,26%.
  4. And again, he did so much for the game of tennis. Shouldn’t that just be enough?

Maybe it’s because I’m Swedish , but I sure think Björn Borg is the GOAT of tennis.

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