Did you know any of these Stockholm facts? What do you know about the beautiful capital of Sweden? Well, hopefully everyone knows Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, either way – now you do!

You might have heard about ‘Stockholm Skärgård’ (archipelago) with a whole bunch of islands. But did you know that Stockholm is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges? If you look past the traffic, the stress and all the constructions, you will see a beautiful city where there is lots of parks or cafes to relax in.
‘Gamla stan’ (the old city) is the most beautiful and peaceful of all. It is very well reserved and if you are ever in Stockholm you just have to pay a visit.

Another place you just have to visit, if ever in Stockholm, is the subway. This every-day place where people are always stressed, running from train to train, deserves a pause. A moment where everyone just stops and open their eyes. It is, in fact, a very long art gallery with walls and ceilings covered in art. If you just have that small moment to stop and watch, I am sure you will be amazed.
Even if you are one of these people always running from train to train, stop for a minute, look around you. Have you ever even seen the paintings? Did you know they exist? Miss your train and take the one 2 minutes later. It is worth it!

There are of course many other places to see in Stockholm, and to learn about it. Watch this Stockholm facts to add o your knowledge-box to be able to surprise someone the next time they ask you what you know about the capital of Sweden. And of course, to know what places that deserves your visit!