These are some great things to know

10 things you should know if  you plan to visit Sweden anytime soon. These tips are crucial to know if you want to have a smooth visit:

  1. Learn how to fika.
    Swedes loves this and it’s a big part of our everyday life.
  2. Lagom.
    Be just enough. Swedes are a bit anxious, so don’t overdo anything.
  3. Swedes are shy.
    Don’t pressure us – be lagom! See!
  4. Swedes queue for everything.
    We invented the perfect queuing system, just saying.
  5. We follow the rules.
    Always. No exception.
  6. Allemansrätten.
    In Sweden you are privileged to enjoy the nature, everywhere.
  7. Children.
    We love them and want everyone to have them so bad we make sure to pay .
  8. Astrid Lindgren.
    Know your Astrid Lindgren, always.
  9. The weather.
    It’s cold and dark in Sweden during winter. Summers are a lot brighter, but not always that warm.
  10. Informal way of life.
    Again, lagom is the way to go. No need to show who the boss is by dressing in a certain way. It’ll show anyway.

Now you have all the basic knowledge you need to make your next Sweden visit as smooth as possible. Good luck!

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