Swedish is ridiculous, actually, when you think about it this way. I mean, of course for swedes it is our language and nothing wrong with that. But put a swede in the situation where she needs to direct translate Swedish words, and it gets hilarious for everyone. And even the swede will start wondering what ridiculous words we actually use. I mean, who wants to eat a ‘butter goose’?

This game is even better when in IKEA. The names of IKEAs products is names of all kinds of things and places, and to direct translate them will just become a laugh feast for everyone involved. You should definitely try!

Well, Swedish is a hard language to learn. It is a great language with words taken from many different languages. A lot of them from English, a lot of them from French and so on. One might think that this should make it easy to learn, but our pronunciation is different from any other language. Some even say that is sounds like swedes sing while talking. Isn’t that just wonderful?