An American listing 5 weird things that swedes do

What would you include in that list? You might agree with the way swedes eat pasta, or how we cut pizza. That one is kind of weird actually, but very convenient.
Number one is kind of weird too, like we are scared from each other. I think it sounds much more fun in America actually. Swedes could learn something there! Oh well, it is kind of nice most of the time to be left in peace, but in the long term it gets kind of lonely.

Other things you might find weird about Sweden and swedes is how we always stay in line. We never cut the line, and if anyone would we just stare at them with eyes that could kill. Why not say anything? – you might think. But no. We are way too polite. I mean, we are angry because this person consider himself or his time more valuable than ours, but who are we to judge? Maybe he actually has a good reason to do this. Easier to just stare him out so that he realises his mistake and gets to the back of the line (which of course barely ever happens).

It is not just the way swedes eat curtain things. It is what we eat. Have you ever heard about ‘Kalles kaviar’ (fish eggs in a tube) or ‘inlagd sill’ (pickled herring)? To make it even more weird we eat ‘Kalles kaviar’ on an egg half together with pickled herring for holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Midsummer. We mix this up with some potatoes, sour cream, meatballs and smoked salmon on a so-called smorgasbord.
Swedes love the pick and mix kind of food. A little of everything. And we have the ability to sit and eat together for hours.