Sweden is the BEST country ever!

This American lists 10 things he loves about Sweden, and as a Swede I kind of take these things for granted.

But travelling to other countries you almost wonder how they manage everyday life without these life hacks. We’re efficient! And efficiency makes life easier. Conveyer belt dividers – check. Nummerlapp (number note system) – check! It’s so easy. Also, taking off your shoes inside, how come this isn’t common practice in every country? It must be so messy inside houses in countries where you don’t take your shoes off. How do you manage?

Anyways, these things are so common in Sweden that we don’t even think about how amazing they are. Clean water straight from the tap? Well, yes please. Swish? Have made my life so much easier! And yes, Sweden is a very international country. And we’re proud of it.

You wan’t to hear the bad stuff? Just watch this.