Let’s keep learning some Swenglish, no wait – Swedish. Swedish words that are actually also words in English, but with totally different meanings. This makes you wonder if someone had a plan with this or if it just happened by chance, that two different languages just put the same letters together in the same order and it made a word?

Well, if you are trying to learn Swedish, these videos might just confuse you more, but they are quite interesting and fun. So, before you watch it – I dare you: what does these words mean in Swedish?

Prick, slut, dog, full, fack, kant, bad, gods and infart. Good luck!

While we’re at it, let’s learn some Swedish sayings or just sentences swedes use a lot;

‘Jävlar i havet’
‘Finns det hjärterum finns det stjärterum’
‘Borta bra med hemma bäst’
’Har man sagt A, får man säga B’
’Det finns inga dåliga väder, bara dåliga kläder’
’Nu är du helt ute och cyklar’
’Skadeglädjen är den enda sanna glädjen’

This brings us to another interesting thing about the Swedish languages; we actually have names that is not only names, they can be used as a word as well.
Sanna is a Swedish girl’s name but also a word. It means true, truth or real. Another girl’s name is Saga, which also is the word for fairy tale. How sweet is that, to name your baby girl fairy tale?

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to write a Swenglish lexicon?