Let’s go through some things you could call Swedish truly heritage. First one, a really great one is ‘Allemansrätten’ (the right of public access), it basically means that you have the right to use the lands of other people for things like camping, picking berries and just have a nice walk. Isn’t it a great idea?

‘Fika’. Another great one that swedes absolutely love. You could almost go as far as saying that ‘fika’ is more important than religion. Or maybe even that ‘fika’ IS our religion. If you haven’t heard about this magical thing before, just click here and you will get the perfect fika-guide.

‘Föräldrarledig’ (parental leave). Mum and dad have the option to choose who will be home with the baby and for how long, up to 18 months! Fantastic!

‘Husmanskost’, you could say it is a word for the food that was made from scratch with a low budget in the old days. Simple things like sausage, mashed potatoes and root crops.

‘Lagom’. Sweden is truly the land of ‘lagom’. It is a word without a direct translation. It simply means not too much, not too little, but just enough.

‘Osvensk’ (un-Swedish). Someone who does things swedes would never think of doing. But many swedes like to be called a bit ‘osvensk’. Swedes are not a very proud people.

Lastly; ‘trafiksäkerhet’ (traffic safety). The three-point seatbelt was actually invented by a swede. We have laws that forces kids up to 15 to wear helmets while riding a bike. And many adults are giving a good example by actually wearing one as well. I mean, better to be safe than sorry.

Peter Stormare starts this clip of by trying to perform ‘kulning’ which is an ancient hearing call, used to call your animals or to communicate over long distances. Well, he tried.