Swedes love to play crazy games. This Swedish game – don’t let the name confuse you – called ‘Irländsk julafton’ (Irish Christmas eve) or ‘Norsk fylla’ (Norwegian jagg), depending on who you ask. You hold a bat, or a stick of some kind, place your forehead on the stick and spin around it about 5-10 laps, depending on the rules you and your friends set up. 5 is for beginners, 10 is for the real deal! When you are done spinning you should run to a finish line, or like in this case, you have a task to do, which is really hard after all those laps.
The task can also be to transfer as much water as possible from one place to another or to transfer an egg without breaking it and so on, only your imagination sets the limits.

So, when is this game suitable?
Mostly for parties in the summer, when you have a big yard to play at, so that no one will destroy a home.
As you might have heard, Swedes are great party planners, and this is the kind of things that can happen if you go to a Swedes party!

There is a bunch of games like this, that you play at parties and is mostly about making a fool out of yourself and make people laugh at you. There are games when you have a pen for a tale, trying to put in in a bottle, one where you will stuff as many balloons as possible in your clothes, as many marshmallows as possible in you mouth, still being able to say a word, stuff your mouth with biscuits trying to whistle.. the list is long.
If you are ever invited to a Swedes party, embrace the opportunity!