Meet the Swedish Royal Family

You might already now that Sweden is monarchy, but what do you know about the Swedish Royal family?

The current king of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf, was born in 1946 and became the a king at age 27. In 1976 he married Silvia from Germany, and they had three children; Crown princess Victoria, prince Carl Philip and princess Madeleine.

So far so good, or did I lose you somewhere? No? Good.

So, what’s so special about this Royal family? Well, first of all they’re unbelievable beautiful. Just look at them. Second of all, the kids all married regular people. Crown Princess Victoria married her personal trainer, Prince Carl Philip married a girl who was a reality TV star, and Madeleine married a business man who had no intentions of being a part of the Royal family more than as the husband to a princess.

Want to learn more about Swedens most well-known family? Just watch below. You can also read more about another Swedish “royal” here.