The Swedish traditional dance of ‘little frogs’, danced by millions every midsummer.

If you ever visit Sweden during the summer, or more specifically during midsummer, you might come across some pretty weird traditions going on. But fear not! This is typical normal behaviour for us Swedes. Every year on midsummer eve we gather by the May pole (which is a strange name as the pole is put up during midsummer, in June) and dance around it, singing songs like ‘Little frogs‘ (små grodorna), ‘The priest’s little crow’ (prästens lilla kråka) and songs about washing your clothes. And of course there is a choreographed dance to all these songs. Just join the ring of people already standing by the May pole, grab the closest hand and follow your fellow dancers as they go round, round, round.

I guarantee you won’t be able to stop laughing. When the dancing is done you get to sit down and enjoy a traditional Swedish fika on the grass. Maybe you’ll have a cinnamon bun (kanelbulle) and some saft (sweetened fruit beverage that you mix with water) or coffee.

Oh, and you will never guess what noise us Swedes thinks frogs make. Listen closely in the clip below!