Sweden is a very small country, if you compare it with the rest of the world. But there are a few things the rest of the world could learn from Sweden. Some very important, some just for fun and enjoying life.

So, let’s list them:

Swedes are excellent party planners. Not only for our big events like Midsummer, Christmas and so on, but even for regular parties in our yards a fine summer evening. We have drinking songs, often with the lyrics in a small book right next to your seat by the table. We play games, like really silly and funny games that could be mistaken for kid’s games. We barbeque, we drink and we have a really good time.

Swedes are very environmentally conscious. Sweden is actually so good at recycling, that we import other countries trash, just to take care of it. Swedes also invented ‘plogging’ which is picking up trash while jogging. Big groups meet and do this together, or just a couple of friends. This great thing has actually gone viral and many other countries are doing the same thing, but it is not enough. If people did not throw trash in the nature, we wouldn’t have this problem to begin with.

Swedes also have a great work-life balance. We work hard, but we value our ‘fika-break’ (coffee break). We actually sit down for a while, with our colleagues, forgetting about work and letting our head rest.

Swedes are very open minded. We don’t judge anyone. Everyone can just be who they are, wherever they are, and there is nothing strange.

Sweden has a really great informational system with our ‘personnummer’ (social security number) and bankID, which is a way to identify yourself online. If you want to learn more about, check this video out!