American traveling to west Sweden

This New Yorker is a traveller and decided to visit Gothenburg and the west of Sweden. He is showing you the best parts of his travel and telling you everything that you need to know for the perfect visit in Sweden. Many travellers who visit Sweden goes to the famous Stockholm, but do not forget about the incredible west coast!

He is visiting the Volvo headquarters, kayaking, cray fishing, jumping off of cliffs, walking around the city and starting the day with a traditional Swedish ‘fika’ with cinnamon bun.

When you are visiting Gothenburg, do not miss out on visiting ‘Feskekörka’ (the fish church) where you can buy fresh fish and have a great lunch or wine tasting. ‘Feskekörka’ was built in 1874 and is Gothenburg’s most famous brand!

And of course, for all the children – big and small – Liseberg! The amusement park is the most visited in Scandinavia and has been there since 1923. Who doesn’t love roller coasters, swings and hanging upside down 100 meters up in the air? Well, if you don’t, just go on the water rides and you will be safe on the ground… Or wait no. On the water. Or under the water? Also, they have a ride on water, that is kind of a roller coaster. Never mind. If you don’t love roller coasters, being tossed and turned and fall from the sky – stay in the small kids’ area!

When you visit Gothenburg, try to stay a night or two in the amazing Gothia Towers hotel. The towers are 24, 25 and 29 floors high and with its 1200 rooms, it is one of the biggest hotels in Europe. Check out this clip to see the amazing pool on the 20th floor with a view over the amusement park.