“Nej men goddag yxskaft!” – ‘Well, good day axhandle!’ All languages have their own expressions, but we should all learn from each other. These might sound a bit weird when you translate them to English, but that just makes this more fun. As she is explaining them really good in this video we will just list them for you in Swedish, so that you can practice them, once you know what they mean;

’Nu blir det andra bullar

’Bulla upp’

‘Ana ugglor i mossen’

’Här ligger det en hund begraven’
(Speaking of animals, there is one more; ‘Gå som katten runt het gröt’ which translates to ’Like the cat walking around hot porridge’ and it means the same as the English expression; ‘To beat around the bush’)

’Klart som korvspad’ (well, I’m not sure ’Korvspad’ is as clear as crystal?!)

’Goddag yxskaft’

’Bollen är rund’

’Hoppa i galen tunna’

’Nu ska du få för gammal ost’

’Både hängslen och livrem’

’Det man förlorar på gungorna tar man igen på karusellen’

’Hur man än vänder sig har man ändan bak’

’Finns det hjärterum finns det stjärterum’

’Smaken är som baken – delad’

There are of course more than these, and a few of these is more popular in some places than others, or maybe in some generations than others. The best one has to be ‘Goddag yxskaft’, weather the story is real or not, it is a funny expression. We have another one; ‘På tal om paprika’ which translates to; ‘Speaking of pepper’. You say that when you start talking about something out of thin air, or you suddenly change the subject. It is kind of a new expression, before it was ‘På tal om ingenting’ which translates to ‘Speaking of nothing’. Pepper is just more fun, don’t you think?

What funny or weird expressions do you have in your language?