As we all know Sweden is great, but there are some weird things swedes do, don’t do or… well.. eat. This girl from Australia is listing 10 things that is pretty weird.

‘Filmjölk’ – it’s something in between sour milk and yoghurt. It is very sour and fresh. I can assure you it is not old. Just enjoy it with your cereal for breakfast.

‘Smörgårtårta’ – ‘breadcake’, a sandwich designed like a cake. Ok, I get that this can sound pretty weird, but it is genius! The perfect food for a party of many or just to enjoy as a light lunch a hot summer day. Make a sauce based on mayonnaise and then pretty much top it with anything you want. Normally it includes ham, cheese, shrimps, cucumber, cocktail tomato, ‘leverpastej’ (a sort of bread spread made out of liver), some lettuce… Well, it might sound even more weird right now, but just try it and you will understand the greatness.

Sparkling water – swedes love it! There are even all sorts of flavours you could ever imagine – gingerbread, ice cream, chocolate, liquorice…

Allemansrätten – which basically means that you can hunt, pick berries and mushrooms wherever you want, even in private property!

Stand in line – be sure that even if you can not see the line, every swede knows who is first, second, third and so on.

Push or pull? – well have a guess! On some doors the handles actually show you weather to push or pull.

Swedes do not date – this is kind of weird actually. I think swedes is as clueless as her in this question.

Swedish fashion – are we sure we know what country we come from?

Social customs – Don’t talk to a stranger, don’t smile at a stranger or look directly at them. Never hug a swede the first time you meet!

Eating – well, check this video out and you will learn a whole new way to use a scissor!