Swedish team machine

The Swedish team didn’t give up, and this game will never be forgotten about.

To qualify for the World Cup is a tough thing to do, especially if you meet teams like Germany (who later went on to win the whole thing!). But sometimes miracles do happen, especially if you never give up.

This video summary is from Germany versus Sweden, on October 16 2012. Germany had the advantage of playing on home turf and it seemed as if that would make them invisible. But nothing is ever as it seems.

Just watch the video below. Germany scores their first goal  already in the 8th minute, and the following 60 minutes is a show of excellence from their side. 1-0 becomes 2-0, which becomes 3-0 and later on 4-0. It seems as if Sweden stands no chance against this machine of a team. But then something happens. Something truly amazing.

With only 30 minutes left of the game, the Swedish team showed some great team spirit while the German team did the exact opposite. This resulted in 4-0 becoming 4-4, with the last goal scored on overtime.

What a great comeback! We’re sure this one will become legendary in Sweden.

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