Sweden moves an entire city

Let’s move city: Welcome to Kiruna, the second largest municipality in the world in terms of area. The city of Kiruna  is located 200 km above the arctic circle and it is the most northern city in all of Sweden. Being located that far north means that during winter, the sun doesn’t rise for almost a whole month.. and it also doesn’t set for over a month during summer. Crazy.

But that is probably not the craziest thing about this city. At all. Let us tell you why…

In Kiruna you’ll find the great mine of Kiirunavaara. Thanks to, or perhaps because of, this, Kiruna is forced to a rather big change. They have to move the whole city.

“Why?” one might ask. And “How?”

Well, the answer to the why is simple. The mining has been going on for so long that they’ve dug out the ground beneath the city, thus risking that the city will collapse. Then there is the question of how this will happen. And that is a project that has been ongoing for a few years and will be ongoing for quite a few more.

Have a look at the video below to learn how you move a city.

For another glimpse of what Kiruna has to offer, please watch this.