Well, this is kind of an America-roast-video, but it points out some great things about Sweden and what we should appreciate than we actually have.

In Sweden you are not allowed to have a gun, if you are a normal person. I mean, actually look at the disasters that can happen when a gun is in the wrong hands. Sweden is, as we’ve talked about before, pretty safe. I actually think that America would be safer if not anyone was allowed to have a gun. I mean, people feel unsafe, because there are maniacs out there, who might carry a gun.  Learn from swedes – make guns illegal!

Swedes are genuinely nice and helpful. It is a fine line between being helpful and being to helpful. People – or swedes actually – likes to be left in piece while entering a store. I mean, if you need help, you will just go to the counter and ask for it.

You don’t have to feel like you have to tip the waitresses in Sweden, or they will not be able to pay their rent. They already have a humane salary. Of course, it is good to give a tip, especially in a nicer restaurant. But if you don’t like the service, or if it was simply average, you can gladly leave with just paying for what you ate. Many restaurants actually even collect all the tip, and split it for all waitresses in the end of the shift, or even end of the month. So, it is not necessarily your actual waitress that will get your generous tip, as they would in America or other places.

Bank-ID. Sweden is close to a cash free country. Everything can be payed online. Just a few clicks – and it’s done!

Customer service and phone lines. Sure, you can be in line for a long time in Sweden as well – but when you get an answer, you normally get help quickly.

Social net. If you get very sick, and you can not work anymore, we have a social net that will catch you. There are many falls you would have to get through, before you will actually be totally helpless.