Well, it is not easy to know as IKEA furniture, Swedish curse or Game of Thrones characters can have really similar names. Let me name a few just to show you what I am talking about.

Askvoll, Hindö, Hektar, Knalla, Kallax, Pjätteryd, Mulig, Grönlid, Mackapär, Ypperlig – all names of IKEA furniture.

Ygritte, Stannis, Euron, Davos, Edmure, Loras, Podrick, Sandor, Bran – all Game of Thrones characters.

Fan, Djävlar, Fanken, Helvete, Förbannade, Jäkla – all Swedish cursing words (kind of simple and nice ones)

Well, if you are not a swede, or a big crazy Game of Thrones fan, or what do I know – an IKEA shopaholic – you will not really be able to keep these apart… Or would you?

Play the game with Ellen and see if you can get it right!