Learn how to speak Swedish with Malin Åkerman, our beautiful famous actress living in America. She is doing her best to explain just how to actually pronounce Swedish words, which is the basics of learning one of the worlds hardest languages.

Swedes speaks a lot with the throat. Like in the back of the mouth. We don’t speak very loudly but have a soft kind of singing language.

‘Tjena mors’ is kind of an old way to say ‘Hi, how’s it going’, nowadays it would be more of a ‘Tja, läget?’ which is a version of the first. Actually, we have many ways to say hi, and if we actually say ‘How’s it going’ (‘Hur är läget? or ‘Allt bra?’) swedes actually answer the question, it’s not just a way of saying hi. So, if you don’t want their whole day’s story, just settle with a simple ‘Hej’ (hi).

Check out this video to learn how to speak Swedish, and of course, learn the most famous Swedish drinking song. This song is to be sung with a ‘snaps’ in your hand which you drink before the last ‘Sjuuuung hopp faderalan lej’. Be sure to drink it all, bottoms up, otherwise you will miss out in the half coming right after.