‘Du gamla du fria’ – Swedens National Anthem. It is beautiful and not at all as appreciated as it should be. Swedes are not really a proud people and even the national anthem is something they almost whisper.
Sweden is a multicultural country and Swedes do not want to step on anyone’s toes by bragging about how proud they are of their country. ‘Landet lagom’ (the country ‘lagom’ – not too much, not to little).

The fall is slowly arriving, one of the longest (the longest one being winter) and most grey seasons in Sweden. But – believe it or not – also one of the most beautiful. All the trees change colour, crispy mornings with fog as a big cover over the fields, cold days with the most beautiful of sunshine. It is pretty amazing, if the rain stays away. If ever in Sweden by fall, make sure to stop for a second and see all the colours of the trees, red, yellow, green, purple… Take a deep breath of crispy air and close your eyes, feel the sunshine on your face. And – most importantly! Jump in piles of leaves, throw them in the air and run under them with your arms open wide.
If you haven’t felt happy for a while, trust me – this will do it! You will feel like a child all over again!

Check the video below to hear ‘Du gamla du fria’ in the most beautiful way, performed by Jonna Jinton, by the beautiful art ‘Kulning’. And enjoy the beautiful views of the northern Swedish fall. Be amazed!