Welcome to the ICEHOTEL experience – where everything is made out of ice.

Located in the town of Jukkasjärvi, east of Kiruna in northern Sweden and 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, you’ll find ICEHOTEL.

Every year, when the first snow falls over Jukkasjärvi, artists from all over the world gather to create and build  the art constellation that will later be ICEHOTEL. With Torne River close by, ice will never be an issue for this massive structure. The hotel was first built in 1989, and has been reborn every year since as summer causes the ice to melt and flow right back into the Torne River.

The hotel keeps a temperatur of between -5 and -7 degrees celsius inside. So you better dress varm for your visit. You get to borrow a sleeping bag that tolerates temperatures down to -25 degrees if you’re planning in sleeping in the cold rooms. You can also stay in one of the warm rooms and visit ICEHOTEL during daytime when they offer guided tours.

Are you ready for the ICEHOTEL experience?