So, what do you know about Sweden, the cold country up north? If you’ve visited us before, you might have a few facts in your mind. But do you know which company of H&M, Spotify, IKEA & Skype is Swedish? Do you know the name of the Swedish capital or how many actually live in Sweden?

There are rumours around the world that Sweden actually have polar bears and penguins walking on the streets. Well, maybe not exactly the streets, but very close to humans. And the north is really cold with long winters. What do you think? Is it true, or only a rumour?
Either way – wouldn’t it be kind of cool to be that close to these amazing animals? Sure, polar bears is kind of – very – dangerous.. But don’t they look very cosy? And if we are thinking about dangerous, so are brown bears or wolfs, so what’s the difference?

One might think that people don’t know a lot about Sweden, as it is such a small country, but a few of these Americans actually know a few things. Check out this clip and see how many questions you get right!