Have you heard about the weird things swedes do? For example, how we almost excuse ourselves if we do something good, or get a promotion? No bragging about your life! How we apologize if someone bumps in to us or what our most used word is? Do you know what ‘Systembolaget’ is?
Could you see yourself living in a place where the sun never sets in summer, never rise in winter and where your neighbours are 90% men? Or in a place where no one ever talks to each other? Have you ever seen a swede looking through the peephole before leaving the apartment, silently wondering why?

People often say that swedes are very happy, helpful and friendly. But we actually love to complain. Again, no bragging about your life. We are also very trusting, or naive, which goes hand in hand with helpful and friendly. But to meet a friendly swede, you need to take the first step and make contact. Be careful though! If you ever see a lonely person on the bus or the train, do NOT sit next to that person, you will come off as creepy and scare them off!

Swedes are very serious about coffee, and of course fika. Do not go to Sweden without trying the traditional Swedish fika. It might be one of our best traditions in Sweden, or worse (?), as we are the biggest consumers of candy in all the world. Do you know how people liked their coffee before? Might sound weird, but we love sweets so not really chocking.

Have you been in Sweden or are you a swede? Do you know any other weird things swedes do? Maybe even weird, but as in fact genius? Please do share them with us!

This clip will give you the answers you are looking for!