There are some things that are not free in Sweden, that might be free in other places. These things are free in America, according to this guy, but you will have to pay for it in Sweden.

Toilets – it might seem weird that you have to pay to ‘do your business’ but this is actually to keep the toilets clean and fresh, and to keep homeless or addicts to use it as a shelter at night.
Another thing to keep in mind is that Sweden is becoming a cash-free country, so to keep coins with you might not always help. Most places nowadays let you pay a small amount with your card.

Refills – yeap, you read it right. Many places take a fee for refills. Not always as much as 20sek, but at least 5-10sek. Even in fast food restaurants. However, as you might know, swedes are very serious about their coffee – and this actually means that many places give you a refill of coffee for free! This refers to brewed coffee, not espresso or coffee latte. The nicer restaurants even offer coffee for free after lunch or dinner.

Water – well this really depends on where in Sweden you are and how nice the restaurant. In the bigger cities it is more common to have to pay for the water than in smaller cities.

Grocery bags – this is a really great idea with the environment in mind. Usually we don’t really need as many bags as we would have taken if they where for free. Actually, starting this year, all stores in Sweden ask you to pay for the bags – even in clothing stores.
The bags are also more often paper or made out of bamboo, to be recyclable, than regular plastic. Fantastic!

Parking – this was only for the bigger cities once upon a time, but is growing and smaller cities are starting to take a parking fee as well.