Have you ever wondered if Sweden is socialist or if swedes are good at soccer (or football as we call it in Sweden)? You might have thought about why it is so cold or if swedes, norwegians and danes can understand each other. And who never wondered if swedes are slavic, tall or why Sweden is called Sweden?

This swede is trying to answer all the most googled questions about Sweden and swedes. I don’t know exactly how well he does, but as a swede I pretty much agree to most of the answers.
Although I most add, about the question if Sweden is expensive, that it pretty much is. Like he said, if a norweigan go to Sweden he might say it is pretty cheap, but if anyone else (even a actual swede) goes to Sweden (ehm.. or stay in Sweden) he would most probably say that Sweden is expensive. Not only in the Stockholm area, even if the prices to buy an apartment there is very high.

Anyway. If you want to learn a thing or two about Sweden or swedes, without actually have to google it, this guy will help you find the answers to the most googled questions!