‘Kräftskivka’ (crayfish party) is Malin Åkerman’s favourite tradition in Sweden, therefor she will teach us how to eat crayfish and really get the most out of it.

First of all, they should be boiled in beer, salt and dill – a lot of dill! Then served cold with a side of beer and ‘snaps’ (a shot of strong alcohol) that is drunk after a ‘snapsvisa’ (sort drinking song), which Malin Åkerman gladly teaches us as well.

Make sure to put your party hat before you start, to not get your hair messy with the juice of crayfish – because the hat is kind of half of the experience.
Okay – the crayfish is boiled, the beer and the snaps are on the table, the hat is on and hopefully you’ve learned your snapsvisor. Time to dig in to the crayfish!
So just open it up, suck the claws, suck the head, suck the ribs and make sure to get that small amount of meat stuck in there. You know what? Eating crayfish is just not that hard. Just suck on every part of the crayfish and eat all the meat you can find and get to the next one.
Either way – be sure the amount of alcohol will be more than the amount of food when at a crayfish party.

To learn more about this Swedish tradition, click here! Now – let’s check out this clip!