Surströmming, a.k.a fermented Baltic Sea herring

Many are the myths of this infamous Swedish dish, so we thought it was about time to sort some of them out.

Fermented herring is a Swedish food tradition, very popular in the northern parts of the country. It’s made from the Baltic Sea herring, and should thus not be confused with ‘sill’, which is pickled Atlantic herring. So, first thing sorted.

If you say Surströmming to a Swede, they will most probably wrinkle their nose and tell you about the smell (which actually is AWFUL!). Many Swedes have never, and will never, try this dish simply because of the smell. But truth is, if you ask someone who has eaten it, is that it doesn’t taste really as bad as it smells.

Anyways, why we eat fermented fish can be traced back to very long ago when there was no refrigerators to help us preserve food. So Swedes came up with this solution. Even in Ancient Greece and Rome fermented fish was a thing. AND, one of the most well-know sauces include a fermented fish ingredient – Worcestershire Sauce!

So, would you try it? Watch as Al Pitchers tries this Swedish speciality.