There are some things you should try to avoid when visiting Sweden. Let’s list a few of the big don’ts in Sweden.

Do not cut the line – all swedes know who is first, second, third and so on. Even if there is not a line of people, be sure. And very important – do not wear your shoes inside! It is offensive to go inside a swedes home without taking your shoes of. How unnecessary, you might think, and yeah, during a lovely summer day that might be the case. But the thing is, most of the year in Sweden is very wet and dirty, so it is not such a bad idea after all. Just always remember – no shoes!

Don’t think you will get in a club looking however you want. You need to dress neat and tidy, or you will be left on the outside. This is not really the case in the small towns and on the country side, but as soon as you come to a bigger city – dress well!

Don’t expect to have a cheap holiday. Sweden is really expensive, unless you are from Norway. If you are from anywhere else in the world; make sure you saved enough money for your trip. And don’t bring a lot of cash. Sweden is nearly a cash-free country, so be sure to bring a credit card with a pin number.

Don’t trust a swede telling you “we will have a special, traditional Swedish dish – ‘surströmming’”, it is a trick! Not even swedes eat this dish, at least not like 90% of them. There are of course a few that does, but they probably don’t have a intact sense of smell.

Well there are a lot of don’t in Sweden, but most of them is followed by “worry about….” Check this clip to learn more!