Höga kusten (the High Coast) is a part of the east coast of Sweden with an unique landscape of deep woods, oceans and cliffs that rise 300 meters over the sea, which makes it the world’s highest coast line. And believe it or not, it is rising about 8 mm per year. The area actually became a word heritage in the year 2000.

Höga kusten is excellent for hiking and is seen as one of the best hiking regions in Sweden. Both outdoor magazines and daily newspapers in Sweden rank the High Coast trail as the top of Sweden’s hiking trails. ‘Höga kustenleden’ is a 128 kilometre long trail along the High Coast. ‘Skuleberget’ (Skule Mountain) and ‘Skuleskogens nationalpark’ (Skule Nationalpark) has shorter trails, perfect for day hikers. For those who want to hike with likeminded people, and might be scared to get lost, there is an annual hike called ‘Höga Kusten Hike’ (High Coast Hike) and it is suitable for all types of hikers.

Just imagine yourself in this beautiful nature, surrounded by a relaxing silence. The perfect place to clear your mind and reload for your stressful life at home.