Have you seen the most viewed Casino video?

We’ve all seen the World Record Egg on Instagram. (If not, have a look here!)

A new, but hopeful, casino brand called SwedenCasino is now aiming at breaking that record with a casino video. They’ve seen the Egg, they’ve read about the Egg, and they’ve been fascinated by the Egg. But mostly, they understand that there is a strategy behind the Egg.

So, this is their attempt. The video in itself is a promotion video for one of the most popular casino slots there is – Wild Worlds from NetEnt. And it’s a cute video, we have to say. But will it be the most viewed casino video ever?

In about six months we will know. That’s about how long time it takes to build a success story amongst the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) videos that is crowding the Internet.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this video will be the most viewed ever. How about you?